Slot Car Patent by Albert E. Cullen
Applied for March 27, 1936   Received on March 22, 1938
Images courtesy of Richard Cullen, Grandson

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On 18 July 1939, a second patent on the Slot Car was applied for.


Albert E Cullen

Personal History of Albert E Cullen
Albert was born and raised in England.

Served in the British Navy studying to be a telegraph operator, knew nothing about boxing, but his classmates forced him into the ring to fight. He lost the match. Next day his head was ringing from match, causing him to fail his telegraph test the next day.

He was then transferred to the British Army. Served with "The Royal Fusaliers", carried a Lewis gun, and was gassed in the trenches.

He won a scholarship to Art school by winning second place in an art contest.

Employed by the London Times, drawing clothing ads.

Was hired by Pitcairn to go to France and Italy to copy stained glass and mosaic from the old masters. This assignment lasted 10 years.

Returned to England and married Jessie Rose. Albert & Jessie immigrated to United States in 1929.

Employed by Pitcairn designing & constructing stained glass windows for Bryn Athyn Cathedral. (located in Bryn Athyn, Pa.)

Early in "World War II" he was laid off by Pitcairn. He secured a position with Eastern Aircraft in Trenton, NJ., building Grumman Avengers aircrafts.

While working for Caloric Range in Topton Pa. he assisted in inventing the removable oven door (Which gave easy access for oven cleaning). This is still used today in most ovens.

He invented an Anti-Aircraft ordinance that he patented and gave to the Department of Defense.

Pertaining to the the invention of the slot car: He had an offer for his invention by "Gilbert" & also "Marx" toy companies; however, the offer was not what he would accept.