Brads basement
Brads Basement Raceway
You can tell the serious hobbyists from the casual hobbyist by a quick look in their basement.  In this case, Brad, from Michigan, can certainly be classified as serious. The 1/24 scale track in his basement has a very unusual 8 lanes (most home tracks have only 4).  This track was rescued from somewhere in the northern wilderness of Michigan and is a great find. This hand-built layout is a dead ringer for a scaled down version of an American Raceways black track from back in the legendary 1960s.  This track is a tight squeeze in the basement, resting on the fireplace elevated hearth to maximize the ability to navigate around the track.  Controller hookups for the eight lanes are spaced around the turns to enable natural marshalling opportunities all around the track.  A 30 amp variable regulated linear supply was found by the good professor for a good deal at a surplus house and has been installed with very good results to power the track.  Everywhere you look in this basement, where there is not slot track, there are boxes of primo old slot goodies ... a serious collector indeed.

Brad also has been noted to have unique tastes in food .. in his spare time, when not lining up ones & zeros to make computer programs work, he is growing a small stash of ultra red hot peppers to delight his pallet. The image below also reflects his idea of culinary mastery although the elegant chain of establishments featuring this mascot is becoming difficult to find ...

Jack In The Box Mascot