Return of The "Pinky Point" Cup

 In 1989 at LeMans the Group C Teams were battling for the race win in the 24 Hour Endurance classic just as we emulated in our 3 hour endurance race.  This Enduro on the 4 Lane Riverside track featured  4 Teams with Mazda 787B, Lancia LC2/85, Porsche 956 and Toyota 88C cars battling for supremacy.  Also in 1989, yours truly was master of ceremonies at the scale slot racing world championship held in the Grand Raceway in Chicago, IL.  23 countries provided their best drivers for this event with all expenses paid by the event organizers including $50,000 in real CASH money that was distributed in prizes.  One of the very special parts of that race was the awarding of the "Pinky Point Cup" for the driver that amassed the most racing points across all of the events that encompassed the championship.  That cup was won by one of the Italian contingent & the Italians as a group won a complete hotel room full of trophies which they left in the hotel since MUCH to difficult to take back on the airplane .. so as a result I salvaged the special "Pinky Point Cup" which has now been awarded as a "traveling" trophy for our annual Enduro classic.  Rumor has it that the cup was stolen from the previous winning team to be presented again this year !

The inscription :

 The "Wolf Pack Racing Team" will have this gracing their trophy shelf until next year when it will again be pressed into service for the next major enduro .... For more information on the IMCA (International Micro Car Association) that organized & funded the 1989 slot world championships event in Chicago please see their web site : 


The Teams


Wolf Pack Racing - Lancia LC2/85 - Scott Duthie, Jim & Jerry Walter & Mark Henderson 



Cloverleaf Racing - Toyota 88C - Randy Bussinger, Mike Stott, Dave Wickham & Paul Coppin

Out 4 Fun Racing - Porsche 956 - Tyler Caponey, Ron Caponey, Paul Brotz & Ken Buczek

SOld Dog Racing - Nissan 787B - Andy Smith, John Allard, Mike Hastie & Nelson Swanberg

Final Results

1.  Wolf Pack Racing - Lancia LC2/85 - 1,730 Laps

2.  Cloverleaf Racing - Toyota 88C - 1,722 Laps

3.  Out 4 Fun Racing - Porsche 956 - 1,592 Laps

4.  Old Dog Racing - Mazda 787B - 1,584 Laps